[R] Pb with function taxo2phylog (package ade4)

From: Christophe Girod <chrisgir69_at_hotmail.fr>
Date: Mon 24 Oct 2005 - 21:44:58 EST


  I'm using the package ade4 to obtain classification from a .txt file. I use the following commands:
cronquist <- read.table("cronquist.txt", h = T, row.names = 8) cronquist <- as.taxo(cronquist[7:1])
cro.phy <- taxo2phylog(cronquist)

in which cronquist.txt is a file with a classification of 218 genus of tree species from french Guiana.
We I try to use the function taxo2phylog, I obtain the following error message (in French) :
Erreur dans newick2phylog.addtools(res) : la longueur de 'dimnames' [2] n'est pas égale à l'étendue du tableau
Error in newick2phylog.addtools(res) : length of dimnames[2] is not equal to length of frame

newick2phylog.addtools is a function that is called when taxo2phylog is called

when I want to know what is in dimnames[2] I obtain the names of my columns : none is missing.

I don't understand what's happening because I've already been using this function with other files and I had no problem Can someone help me?


Christophe Girod

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