Re: [R] Graphics window always overlaps console window!

From: Marc Schwartz (via MN) <>
Date: Wed 26 Oct 2005 - 04:07:43 EST

On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 11:55 -0600, wrote:
> Does anyone know how I can set up R so that when I make a graphic, the
> graphics window remains behind the console window? It's annoying to
> have to reach for the mouse every time I want to type another line of
> code (e.g., to add another line to the plot). Thanks.

What operating system?

Default window focus behavior is highly OS and even window manager specific and is not an R issue.

Depending upon your OS and window manager, you may need to check the documentation and/or do a Google search on "window focus" for further information.

Another alternative, if you are on Windows, is to review Windows FAQ 5.4 "How do I move focus to a graphics window or the console?", but this is a programmatic approach and not a means to affect default behavior.

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