Re: [R] Building Rmysql Source in Windows XP: DLLTOOL can't find DEF file

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Wed 26 Oct 2005 - 07:24:25 EST

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005 wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I have a question regarding building the Rmysql packages from source in
> Windows.

Pretty esoteric, and the posting guide suggests you ask the maintainer.

> I am currently using: Windows XP, R-2.2.0, Mysql 3.23

MySQL 3.23 is rather old: the layout may have changed.

> I have installed all of the tools from Installation and Administration
> and after following all the instructions to the letter, I compiled the
> binary and installed R 2.2.0 from source with no issues. This is the
> first time I have compiled the source R and the first time I have
> attempted building a package from source.
> When I read all of the RMySQL docs for creating the packages from
> source, (Installation and Admin and all the 'readme' docs in the package
> itself), there really seem to be only 2 basic instructions:
> 1) Ensure the paths are correct in src/
> 2) re-import the DLL
> 3) and then build.
> I ensure that my paths are correct in the src/ file and then
> the 2nd part of the instructions discusses "re-importing" the
> libmysql.dll.
> However, when I use the Dlltool in the correct Mysql directory
> (c:\mysql\lib\opt) as directed, an error occurs below:
> "dlltool: can't open the def file: Libmysql.def"
> The "libmysql.def" file is located in the "c:\mysql\include\" directory
> where PKG-CPPFLAGS is pointing.

But it is not an include file, and this is nothing to do with step 1 where you set PKG_CPPFLAGS (note spelling).

You need to give the path to it, somthing like

dlltool --dllname libmySQL.dll --def ..\..\include\LIBMYSQL.def --output-lib libmySQL.a -k

> Question (1)------------ Do you know of why this is occurring and how
> can I solve it?
> I could not find any documentation in Google or in the archives
> regarding this error.
> Then finally, the last instructions uses "Rcmd build -binary RMySQL".
> Question (2)------------ In what directory is this windows command line
> given? Under R/src/gnuwin32/?

The one with subdirectory RMySQL. But you don't need to do this, just to install with


as you are not distributing it.

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