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From: John Fox <>
Date: Wed 26 Oct 2005 - 22:15:33 EST

Dear Simon,

The population partial correlation rho[12|3...p] is 0 when the regression coefficient beta[2] for x[2] from the regression of x[1] on x[2] ... X[p] is 0. Thus, the usual t-test for a regression coefficient also tests that the partial correlation is 0.

Now, the sample partial correlation r[12|3...p] = t/sqrt(t^2 + dfe)) where dfe = n - p is the degrees of freedom for error and t is the t-statistic for testing that beta[2] is 0, and thus t = sqrt(dfe*r^2[12|3...p]/(1 - r^2[12|3...p])), so it is easy to compute the (unsigned) t-statistics from the partial correlations.

Why one would want to do this, however, is another matter. What would one do with a matrix of 2-sided p-values?


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> Hi,
> I have been using the partial.cor function in Rcmdr but I was
> wondering if there is any easy way to get statistical
> significance tests (two tailed) along with the partial
> correlation coefficients?
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