[R] another ANOVA/LM question

From: Jan Wiener <jan.wiener_at_tuebingen.mpg.de>
Date: Wed 26 Oct 2005 - 22:32:59 EST

Sorry for posting a possibly stupid question.

I am using aov() for calculating ANOVA as follows:

summary(aov(depVar~factor1*factor2+Error(subject/(factor1+factor2)), data=anovaAllData))

and usually all works fine.

How exactly the call has to look if I want to use lm() directly to obtain the same results.

The problem is that due to several reasons I am missing single data points such that I end up with an unbalanced design. From earlier posting I learned that lm() is the way to go in such cases.

However, I do not know how exactly the formula including the error term has to look like for lm().

Hope that made sense,

Thanks in advance,

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