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Try Harold's suggestion. The df still won't agree, because lmer (at least in its current version) just puts an upper bound on the df. But that should be OK, because all those t tests are approximations anyways, and you can get better confidence intervals (credible intervals, whatever) by using the mcmcsamp() function that works with lmer() alan


"Doran, Harold" <> responded:
>>There is an issue with implicit nesting in lmer. In your lme() model you nest
>>block/irrigation/density/fertilizer. In lmer you need to do something like
>>(I dind't include all of your variables, but I think the makes the point)
>>lmer(yield~irrigation*density*fertilizer+(1|fertilizer:density)+(1|density), data)
>>Which notes that fertilizer is nested in density.
>>Try this and then compare the results.
"Ronaldo Reis-Jr." <>, wrote:
>>I make the correct model with aov, lme do compare with lmer.
>>But I cant make a correct model in lmer. Look that the aov and lme results are
>>similars, but very different from lmer. In aov and lme is used the correct DF
>>for each variable, in lmer it use a same DF for all? Denom=54.

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