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I don't understand why you think memory is the problem, here. I'd try writing my model in C or Fortran (there is an example in the odesolve package). That speeds things up a lot, and is what I do with slow systems.
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Hi Woody,
I sent this to r-help as well. Thanks in advance for any input.

I am running R 2.2.0 on Mac OS 10.4.2, dual G5 processors with 8 Gig RAM.
I am running a simulation with lsoda that requires ~378 s to complete one set of time intervals. I need to optimize the parameters, and so need to considerably speed up the simulation. I have tried to figure out how to change the appropriate memory allocation and have search R help and Introductory information and the archives, but connot figure out how to allocate more to the right place.
I would greatly appreciate any pointers or tips or leads.

Thank you,
Hank Stevens

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