[R] Problems with source() function

From: Al <aldeluis_at_usal.es>
Date: Fri 28 Oct 2005 - 03:40:20 EST

Hello list members!

I'm trying to enter some data in an R session using source() function with an URL as argument. The data source is a PHP script located in an apache web server and the data is a long list generated on-the-fly, these are the initial lines:

groups[['ENSMUST00000000001']]=c(52611,483683,147952,132170,297514,469248,291525,364037,469915,55472,280220,314688,415650,486875,440898,6781,497785) groups[['ENSMUST00000000003']]=c(416911,327120,425495,72272,297529,101933,371418,139034,318872,367204,237702) groups[['ENSMUST00000000028']]=c(199311,325400,184761,241988,376845,75052,67724,404240,439543,391057,393816) groups[['ENSMUST00000000031']]=c(402587,352900,139030,186068,463553,328881,74942,277085,301431,256149,410846) groups[['ENSMUST00000000033']]=c(12700,23908,11140,122358,389908,390084,383903,354007,457965,106395,131876) groups[['ENSMUST00000000049']]=c(59336,203239,101077,382882,327374,281549,212042,275594,361523,490934,240275) groups[['ENSMUST00000000056']]=c(409571,304584,394332,379699,13785,4260,288889,42538,304075,47734,485512,52501,328509,504846,334607,82566,250088,150240,16422,446551,314484,91878,124752,341638,379512,379890,319764,8019,59221,156508,362524,74001,149400) groups[['ENSMUST00000000058']]=c(26511,45!  5190,466368,358528,268486,315461,149260,422804,137641,163718,352555)

The problem:
When I execute the command it apparently finish ok, without printed errors but when I test the consistency of the data entered using the command length() I always obtain different figures.

More facts:
When I source the data from a static file instead an url, the data is fully entered and the length is always the same (20346 list elements). It delays 30 secs to load.

When I source the data from the dynamic way, from an url, it delays 2 min. and always data is truncated.

Tried and miserably failed:
- Changed .Options$timeout from 60 to 300

Kind list members, is there some timeout I am missing? Some way to debug the process? Some suggestion?

Sincerely, thank you!

Alberto de Luis

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