Re: [R] Fitting of Non-Linear Diff Equations and Parameter Estimation

From: Woodrow Setzer <>
Date: Fri 28 Oct 2005 - 04:46:05 EST

Raja Jayaraman <rajnmsu79 <at>> writes:

> Hello Everybody,
> I am running R 2.2.0 with Windows XP
> i am trying to fit nonlinear differential equation to data sets which looks
> like this:
> and i need to fit these data to the following diff equation:
> dNdt=a*N-b*N*C, dCdt=N^2,
> Where a=birth rate, b=death rate and N= Current count, C= Cumulative Count.
> i need to fit the differential equation, solve and obtain parameters a,b.
> can someone help with this,
> Thanks
> Raj

Try looking at the package odesolve for solving the ode system.

Woody Setzer
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