[R] splitting a character field in R

From: <ManuelPerera-Chang_at_fmc-ag.com>
Date: Fri 28 Oct 2005 - 23:31:38 EST

Dear R users,

I have a dataframe with one character field, and I would like to create two new fields (columns) in my dataset, by spliting the existing character field into two using an existing substring.

... something that in SAS I could solve e.g. combining substr(which I am aware exist in R) and "index" for determining the position of the pattern within the string.
e.g. if my dataframe is ...

A     B
1     dgabcrt
2     fgrtabc
3     sabcuuu

Then by splitting by substring "abc" I would get ...

A     B           B1    B2
1     dgabcrt     dg    rt
2     fgrtabc     fgrt
3     sabcuuu     s     uuu

Do you know how to do this basic string(dataframe) manipulation in R



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