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Date: Sat 29 Oct 2005 - 00:38:34 EST

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your post, I was aware of strsplit, but really could not find out how i could use it.

I tried like in your example ...


> C

[1] "dg" "rt"

[1] "fgrt"

[1] "s" "uuu"

Which looks promissing, but here C is a list with three elements. But how to create the two vectors I need from here, that is

("dg","fgrt", "s") and ("rt","","uuu")

(or how to get access to the substrings "rt" or "uuu").



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> x <- 'dfabcxy'
> strsplit(x, 'abc')
[1] "df" "xy"


On 10/28/05, < > wrote:

      Dear R users,

      I have a dataframe with one character field, and I would like to
      create two
      new fields (columns) in my dataset, by spliting the existing
      field into two using an existing substring.

      ... something that in SAS I could solve e.g. combining substr(which I
      aware exist in R) and "index" for determining the position of the
      within the string.
      e.g. if my dataframe is ...
      A     B
      1     dgabcrt
      2     fgrtabc
      3     sabcuuu

      Then by splitting by substring "abc" I would get ...

      A     B           B1    B2
      1     dgabcrt     dg    rt
      2     fgrtabc     fgrt
      3     sabcuuu     s     uuu

      Do you know how to do this basic string(dataframe) manipulation in R



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What the problem you are trying to solve?

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