[R] how to get colnames of a dataframe within a function called by 'apply'

From: Leo Gürtler <leog_at_anicca-vijja.de>
Date: Sat 29 Oct 2005 - 10:45:08 EST

Hello alltogether,

how is it possible to assign the colnames of a data.frame to a function called by apply, e.g. for labeling a plot? Example: I want to plot several qqnorm-plots side by side and there should be a maintitle for each qqnorm-plot which is identical to the respective colname.
I checked, but the column which is processed by the function called by apply does not contain a colname (because by using str() it seems it is no column at this point, but just a e.g. numerical vector). I also tried with colnames() from within the function, but was not successful to get the apropriate colname - either the whole string or just the first one.Thus it lacks of a counter that contains the number of the row which is processed.

Here is an example code:


nv <- function(xno.na)
  par.or <- par(mfrow=c(3,3))
  qqnorm(xno.na, main="HERE SHOULD BE THE NAME OF THE COLUMN")   qqline(xno.na, col="red")

> temp # just a part of the whole data.frame

        klarb1    klarb2 abarb laut skla1 skla2
a      NA 13.068182   7.5    4   0.5   0.5
b      NA  6.818182   9.0    6    NA   0.5
c      15.11628  6.818182  10.0    4   1.0   1.5
d      NA 18.181818  19.0    2   1.0   0.5

> apply(temp,2,nv)


Thanks a lot!

best wishes,


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