Re: [R] LaTex error when creating DVI version when compiling package

From: Patrick Giraudoux <>
Date: Sat 29 Oct 2005 - 19:03:55 EST

Thanks both.... Explanations perfectly clear. Also you make me discover there was a 'pgirmess-manual.log', with error lines detected and commented, indeed... (shame on me!!!) which would have been of great help during the past decade... The misuse of _ should be the origin.

I should manage with, now.

Thank again,


>The general answer is to look through the (often very long) *.log file in
>the *.Rcheck directory until you find the problem. That will typically
>give you a line number in the *.tex file, which shows not only where the
>error occurred, but the *.log file entry often shows what it is. My
>typical errors are using LaTeX special symbols, and most often having
>unprotected $ and _. I see quite a lot of _ below in \value{}, so I'd try
>\_ there first.

Berwin A Turlach a écrit :

>G'day Patrick
>>>>>>"PG" == Patrick Giraudoux <> writes:
> PG> \value{ A list with the following items: \item{AIC}{a
> PG> data.frame including LL, the maximized log-likelihood; K the
> PG> number of estimated parameters; N2K, number of observations/K;
> PG> AIC, the Akaike index criterion; deltAIC, the difference
> PG> between AIC and the lowest AIC value; w_i, the Akaike weights;
>w_i is LaTeX notation for "w subscript i" and needs to be inside a
>maths environment otherwise there will be a LaTeX error. Change this
>to, e.g. \eqn{w_i}
> PG> AICc, the second order Akaike criterion; deltAICc, the
> PG> difference between AICc and the lowest AICc value; w_ic, the
>w_ic is LaTeX notation for "w subscript i followed by c". This needs
>to be insite a maths environment to avoid a LaTeX error. But I
>presume that your intention is actuall "w subscript {ic}", thus change
>this to, e.g. \eqn{w_{ic}}
> Berwin
>PS: Would make life simple for checker if you sent along the .log
> file in future. :)

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