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From: Berton Gunter <>
Date: Wed 30 Nov 2005 - 06:05:02 EST

You're not telling us something or there's a problem with your R build: a 3960 element vectors of integer is tiny and will not cause R to crash.

Regarding your regression model. You do **not** need dummy variables in R. Please read the docs (e.g. AN INTRODUCTION TO R) and help files on lm() and factor() to see how to do linear modeling in R. lag() and diff() may also be relevant. OTOH, R has many better ways to model time series and seasonality, both in base R and numerous add-on packages. Try'time series') and RSiteSearch('time series')

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> Hi,
> New to R on Windows and also someone trying to learn how
> to use R in batch. My apologies if this posting is a little long
> but users may better understand the problems I'm having
> if I explain what I'm doing.
> Goal: use R to look at seasonality on a daily level, where I have
> 15 years of daily data for a 246 day year (proprietary reasons
> for using this number of days).
> Data is a large vector of integer data, 3690 elements long.
> Have found R interactive mode crashes at times dealing with
> this much data, and it is painful to interactively build this
> vector over and over.
> Question 1: is there a way to expand the memory limits of R?
> On a LINUX box I'm sure there must be a way to specifiy at
> build how large arrays can be used in R, but this is Windows
> so I've downloaded a precompiled binary for Windows XP.
> I also want to use 245 dummy variables with a linear model
> to identify non-trivial seasonality occuring on certain days.
> All this makes for quite a bit to type in, which is why I've
> resorted to writing a batch script.
> I've tried loading the batch script via the command
> >source(C:\\Program Files\\R\\rw2011\\HO_Rscript.txt)
> in interactive mode but I get an error.
> Question 2: can someone point out the syntax flaw in trying
> to upload this batch script text file? If I can get R to upload
> the script I can atleast begin to debug it. I am a UNIX 3.0
> person by training.
> If you like you can email me your comments directly
> I still can't easily find my way around the R-help mailing list.
> Sorry, still new to this R-webpage, but enjoy using the
> package so far!
> Thanks.
> Ed Wang
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