Re: [R] about kidpack package

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Thu 01 Dec 2005 - 00:35:25 EST

August Berg wrote:


> Error in library(kidpack) : 'kidpack' is not a valid package -- installed <
> 2.0.0?
> On 11/30/05, August Berg <> wrote:
>>* I have both R and Biobase and also download kidpack_1.1.1.tar.gz.
>>After I unzip the gz file, I got the folders and files. Then i got
>>lost: how to install the package of kidpack(because there is no zipped
>>file after I uninstall kidpack_1.1.1.tar.gz)? If I choose install from
>>local zipped file, kidpack_1.1.1.tar.gz does not show on the selection
>>Thanks a lot! *

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Looks like you are on Windows.
Apparently (from clicking into the R menu to install a Bioconductor package: "Select repository...", then "Install package(s)..." ), for this *Bioconductor* package, no Windows binary is available. Hence (if possible at all) you have to install the package from sources. You need the required development tools (see the Istallation and Administration manual) and call R CMD INSTALL from the commandline.

For questions on the availability of BioC Windows binary packages please contact the Bioconductor folks and use their mailing list (after looking for documentation why kidpack is not available for Windows, of course).

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