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From: Hong Ooi <>
Date: Thu 01 Dec 2005 - 01:15:10 EST

Ah! I didn't notice this until now.

Yes, following Nocedal & Wright (excellent book, that) I've defined a quadratic penalty function to enforce an equality constraint, and added it to the objective. (Originally I had an inequality constraint in mind, but the equality one doesn't run into problems when you're on the boundary -- as is likely to happen in this case -- and gets the job done.) Getting the gradient right was a bit tedious, but it seems to be working now.

I did find an interesting thing in working with both Splus and R, though. In Splus, both optim and nlminb run fairly slowly with a pure-S objective function supplied, even when it was as vectorized as I could make it. So I thought to compile the objective function in C, and this sped it up by a factor of 2-4x. On the other hand, the pure-S version actually ran quite fast in R, and the compiled version actually _slowed_ it down by a small but noticeable amount.

Is this a common experience? Is the R interpreter so efficient that using compiled code is unlikely to improve speed further? (I'm using R 2.2 and Splus 7.04, on a Windows XP workstation with 3GB of memory.)

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	  Have you considered migrating the constraints into the
function, then cranking up the penalty for constraint violation once you

have a more or less feasible solution?

	  spencer graves

Hong Ooi wrote:

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> You know, this is the first time I've heard of constrOptim.
> I actually have a rather complicated, nonlinear boundary expression in
> mind, so this function by itself isn't quite what I'm after. Still, I
> should be able to hack up a barrier function in my own code and feed
> that into optim/nlminb/constrOptim.
> Thanks!
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