Re: [R] Solution to non-linear equation problem

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Thu 01 Dec 2005 - 05:11:25 EST

          RSiteSearch("solving nonlinear equations") just returned 42 hits for me, many of them potentially relevant to your question. And there are more capabilities than what I found listed in the first few responses, including nlme in addition to optim, nls, etc. A more focused question as suggested in the posting guide! might elicit more informative responses.

          spencer graves

Scott Story wrote:

> Thanks to Gabor, Duncan, and Peter. I knew the answer had something to
> do with solving for a and b in terms of mean and variance. I will build
> a function using the equations you provided Duncan and will look into
> using Mathomatic in the future Gabor. Appreciate the help. Peter, this
> was not homework but I understand your concern. I don't use listserves
> that often but they do open a whole arena for students to get free
> information (hadn't even crossed my mind). Just as an aside, I take it
> that R cannot solve non-linear equations (since you all gave me
> solutions outside of it).

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