Re: [R] SciViews-R_0.8-9 Console problem

From: Andreas Hary <>
Date: Thu 01 Dec 2005 - 05:50:11 EST


> [...] the command/script window does not appear. [...]

Have you tried

Misc => Toolbars => Command

on the menu? Don't click until you get to Command, otherwise the menu closes again for some reason.


Dear R users,

I successfully installed SciViews the other day. However, when I try to run it now, the command/script window does not appear. Strange. Well, actually I see a tendency to a script window (in the lower part of the sciview window where it is suppose to be) during start up, but when the program is entirely open, the script window is gone.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall latest versions available of R, Sciviews and Tinn-R several times, but it does not solve the problem. I have tried both the 'Detailed installation of Sciviews-R' and 'Manually installing additional R packages'.

Another 'new' problem I did not have before is the default size of the Sciviews window - both the upper and lower part 'disappears' outside my screen when starting up. And in the upper 'R-window' two prompts appear with maybe 6-7 lines in between. However, as soon as I hit a key the lower of these to prompt disappears. But still no script editor.

I suspect I have missed something fundamental...but what?

Any suggestions that can help me is appreciated!



PS I have tried to mail to, but the mail just bounces.

I have WinXP, PIII, 512 RAM

[1] "i386-pc-mingw32"
[1] "i386"

[1] "mingw32"

[1] "i386, mingw32"
[1] ""

[1] "2"

[1] "2.0"
[1] "2005"

[1] "10"

[1] "06"

$"svn rev"
[1] "35749"

[1] "R"

tcltk TRUE

SciViews version: SciViews-R_0.8-9Setup.exe

 From the SciViews R console:

[1] ".GlobalEnv" "package:Rcmdr" "package:car" [4]

"package:svGUI"     "package:svViews"   "package:svIO"    [7]
"package:svMisc"    "package:R2HTML"    "package:tcltk"   [10]
"package:methods"   "package:stats"     "package:graphics"

[13] "package:grDevices" "package:utils" "package:datasets"
[16] "TempEnv" "RcmdrEnv" "Autoloads" [19]
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