Re: [R] masked from package:base?

From: ronggui <>
Date: Fri 02 Dec 2005 - 22:55:46 EST

>> > The source of an R package can be checked by the command
>> > "R CMD check <package_name>"
>> > (on a Unix/Linux machines; on Windows machines this is slightly
>> different).
>> In fact, it is exactly the same command on Windows.
>> Uwe Ligges
>Why it did not work for me?
>> library( systemfit )
>> R CMD check systemfit
>Error: syntax error in "R CMD"
>> R CMD check <systemfit>
>Error: syntax error in "R CMD"
I guess you try to use this command in R console.That's not the right should use "R CMD ..." in the system shell.  

Maybe you use windows OS.In that case,you should take this steps: starts-run-type cmd in it and then enter- then type R CMD check in cmd console. of course,you should set where Rterm.exe to the path of windows system.

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