[R] Time series influenced by half-time, intake and treatment...

From: Kåre Edvardsen <ked_at_nilu.no>
Date: Sat 03 Dec 2005 - 01:01:48 EST


First of all: I'm a newbie to both statistics and R, so please be patient with me... I do however, like R because I've been programming (pascal, IDL, perl, C etc) and designing models since -92, but never related to statistics.

Ok, here we go:
I've got a set of 15 people, all of them observed over 10 weeks (10 analysed blood samples) with - let us kall it the A-value - influenced by:

  1. a half time of the A-value of ~3 weeks
  2. intake through diet (constant in time for each individ, but a big variation between the individs)
  3. a treatment with a quick response, which may influence the A-value if "sufficient" dose is given.

I do not know the limit for "sufficient" in 3). I also think there is a possibility the limit is individual, and thus may vary a lot between the individs.

How do I approach such a problem? I know it's Friday, but I could not during the week figure out a model telling me if the treatment were significant or not...

Anyone out there willing to guide me?


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