Re: [R] How to solve allocation problem in lme() analysis?

From: hadley wickham <>
Date: Sat 03 Dec 2005 - 03:55:15 EST

> 2. Have you tried "lmer" in library(lme4)? The syntax will be
> different, but it's a different algorithm and can handle problems that
> crash "lme". This may or may not apply to you. For documentation on
> this, see Douglas Bates (2005) "Fitting linear mixed models in R. R
> News, 5(1):27-30, available from -> newsletter. See
> also "Implementation.pdf" in the "doc" subdirectory under "lme4" in the
> "library" folder of your R installation; if you are not using Windows,
> I don't know if this is how you find this document.

vignette("Implementation") is one easy way to get to it.

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