Re: [R] what is best for scripting?

From: Michael H. Prager <>
Date: Sat 03 Dec 2005 - 04:17:37 EST

Using R itself has the advantage that you won't need to learn a new language. You may even learn R better as a result.

Using Python could also work well. I have found it worth learning, at least the basics. There a wider range of documentation (books) available for Python than for R, and that may be helpful to you. Its syntax is less fanciful and more clean and transparent than the syntax of Perl. Its arrays start from zero, which can promote errors for those used to languages where arrays start from 1.

Python is free, and so you can download it, try a few examples, and see if you like it. The download includes Idle, a graphical front end similar in concept to Rgui.

Either way, good luck!

I hope that is helpful.

MHP on 12/2/2005 3:37 AM Molins, Jordi said the following:

>I am using R in Windows. I see that I will have to use batch processes with
>R. I will have to read and write text files, and run some R code; probably
>some external code too. I have never done scripting. Is there any document
>that explains simple steps with examples? I also have heard that Python is a
>good scripting language. Is it worth the effort? (I do not have too much
>free time, so if I could do without, much better ...).
>Has anybody strong opinions on that? Past experiences?
>Thank you!
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