[R] How to catch value

From: Chun-Ying Lee <u9370004_at_cc.kmu.edu.tw>
Date: Sat 03 Dec 2005 - 20:23:35 EST

Dear R users:
I have a problem about catch the value from function. I have following two functions (part):
fbolus1 <- function()
 par<-data.frame(Parameter=c("kel","Vd"),Initial=c(0))  check(par)
 if (par[ ,2] <= 0){
 cat("\nEnter again (y/n) ?\n\n")
   if (ans == "n" ){





I wonder if it is possible to catch the value ("par" in this example) which "check" function generated and than go back to the "fbolus1" function, and keep executing the command next to "check(par)", and "fbolus1" function can accept the value "check" function generated. If it is possible, please give me some comments. Thanks in advance !!

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