Re: [R] What made us so popular Nov 16-20?

From: paul sorenson <>
Date: Sun 04 Dec 2005 - 07:59:45 EST

I had too much time on my hands on a sunday morning:

For the hell of it I grepped my r-help date headers for the last month or two. I was looking for some corresponding increase in r-help traffic.

The data is:

The traffic looks something like:

I didn't take into account time zones for the plot (but I did plot the histogram of them).


Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> Our main US mirror is, AKA
> keeps statistics on traffic on the mirror sites, and I got
> all excited when I looked at this page:
> and saw that CRAN was 5th most popular over the last month, getting more
> visitors than Apache, MySQL, OpenOffice, etc. Then I looked at this graph:
> and saw that this is likely due to a huge spike in traffic between Nov
> 16 and 20. Our "visitors" (not sure of the exact definition) went from
> the usual <10K/day up to 50-150K/day during that week.
> Did we get mentioned somewhere (e.g. Slashdot), or was someone just
> experimenting with some automated downloading?
> Duncan Murdoch
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