Re: [R] SPSS and R ? do they like each other?

From: Frank E Harrell Jr <>
Date: Mon 05 Dec 2005 - 23:33:15 EST wrote:

> --- ronggui <> schrieb:

>>In fact,when using read.spss to read the spss data
>>file into R,the labels are retained (keeped) rather
>>than be dropped.
>>for example WVS is the data file be readed in,it has
>>label.table and variable.labels.
>>[1] "label.table" "variable.labels" "names"
>>and label.table is something like "value: in spss
>>file and variable.labels are "label" in spss data
>>hope this helps.

And if you use spss.get in the Hmisc package (which uses read.spss) labels are attributes of individual variables, not of the data frame. The labels are automatically used in my Hmisc functions (describe, xYplot, Dotplot, summary.formula, contents, ...).

Frank Harrell

> Thank you very much! I wil try that.
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