Re: [R] R is GNU S, not C.... [was "how to get or store ....."]

From: McGehee, Robert <>
Date: Wed 07 Dec 2005 - 03:31:43 EST

> Jan T. Kim wrote:
> There is a draft R Coding Convention available at
> which may be useful for finding a style that is good because it is
> widely used and therefore familiar to a large number of readers.--

However, as the author Henrik Bengtsson points out "these guidelines are ours and not the R-developers." Perhaps a definitive style guide published by R core that ensured consistency among new base code would be a helpful addition. I personally find the above style guide extremely useful when multiple programmers work on the same project, and would welcome a formal endorsement or revision by the R developers. (And despite Henrik's elegant guide, I too leave off the semicolons at the end of the lines.)

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