Re: [R] Statistics-R module for Perl

From: Sean Davis <>
Date: Thu 08 Dec 2005 - 22:12:32 EST

On 12/8/05 5:20 AM, "béline jesson" <> wrote:

> Hello!
> I interest of using Perl for application of biostatistcs with R. I find your
> module on the cpan's site. But, I've a question:
> Could I use it with Mac OS X? Because I have this error:
> "Error: no suitable installation target found for package Statistics-R."
> If it's not possible with this script, how can I modify it ?

Statistics-R works on Mac OS X. I have used it some.

How did you try to install it? It isn't a package for R--it is a perl module, so you need to install it using perl tools.

What did you do to install it, what code have you tried, and when do you get the error message?

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