Re: [R] Statistics-R module for Perl

From: Sean Davis <>
Date: Thu 08 Dec 2005 - 22:41:58 EST

On 12/8/05 6:29 AM, "béline jesson" <> wrote:

> Le 8/12/05 12:12, « Sean Davis » <> a écrit :

>> On 12/8/05 5:20 AM, "béline jesson" <> wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> I interest of using Perl for application of biostatistcs with R. I find your
>>> module on the cpan's site. But, I've a question:
>>> Could I use it with Mac OS X? Because I have this error:
>>> "Error: no suitable installation target found for package Statistics-R."
>>> If it's not possible with this script, how can I modify it ?

>> Statistics-R works on Mac OS X. I have used it some.
>> How did you try to install it? It isn't a package for R--it is a perl
>> module, so you need to install it using perl tools.
>> What did you do to install it, what code have you tried, and when do you get
>> the error message?
>> Sean
> I try to install it with ppm (activeperl module for module's installation)
> My code:
> ppm install Statistics-R
> And this is the message error:
> Error: no suitable installation target found for package Statistics-R.
> I try to read the R-modules (R::Bridge, R::Bridge:Win32, R::Linux) ... And i
> not find Bridge for Mac OS X system...
> How have you install Statistics-R?

I don't use ActiveState (ppm)--are you sure that statistics::R is available from ActiveState for MacOS? I use CPAN instead.

However, you just need to get the tarfile from CPAN. Unzip and untar it. Then go into the top-level directory and type:

 perl Makefile.PL

Then type:

 sudo make install

That's it.

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