Re: [R] Commented version of the home page graphics code

From: Romain Francois <>
Date: Fri 09 Dec 2005 - 06:25:39 EST

Le 08.12.2005 18:37, Satsangi, Vivek a écrit :

> I was drawn to R, like many others, partly for the opportunity
>to draw nice, colorful graphs (occasionally ones with meaning, too :-)
>). I am still quite a newbie to R.
>As such, I have been trying to understand the code for the graphics on
>the home page (the ones from the 2004 contest -- the dendrogram, the
>cluster plot with different coloured circles, etc.) I was wondering
>whether anyone has a commented version of this code that would help me
>understand it a little easier.
>-- Vivek Satsangi,
>Student, Rochester, NY
Hi Vivek,

Maybe you should start with simpler graphics

Eric wrote a little how-to about that graph. It's in french though ...

Moreover, the code is highlight-ed here which may help you.

BTW, the code we get when cliking on the homepage graphic uses the mva package which doesn't exists anymore. Maybe somebody could erase that line from


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