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Date: Fri 09 Dec 2005 - 13:52:05 EST

Dear Madams/Sirs,

Hello. I am using the gls function to specify an arma correlation during estimation in my model. The parameter values which I am sending the corARMA function are from a previous fit using arima. I have had some success with the method, however in other cases I get the following error from gls: "All parameters must be less than 1 in absolute value". None of the parameters (individually) are greater than or equal to 1. Please copy the code below into R to reproduce the error. Thanks.

Is my logic incorrect? In the corARMA function, there's a call to pre-compiled C code with the name "ARMA_unconstCoef". Is the source code for such compiled code freely available for download?

Thanks for your suggestions.


Steve Gaffigan

data=read.table("http://ak.aoos.org/data/sample_070989.dat",header=T) attach(data)


ma.coefs=c(-theta.1,double(10),-THETA.1,theta.1*THETA.1,double(10),-THETA.2,theta.1*THETA.2) library(nlme)
mod.gls=gls(obs~model,correlation=corARMA(q=25,value=ma.coefs,fixed=T),method="ML") detach(data)
Alaska Ocean Observing System
School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences : University of Alaska Fairbanks

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