Re: [R] Comments please, how to set your mailer to read R-help in digest format

From: Hans-Peter <>
Date: Tue 13 Dec 2005 - 22:50:50 EST

2005/12/12, Michael Dewey <>:
> There are occasional comments on this list about how difficult it is to
> read the digest format.

Any other comments welcome of course.

I use google mail with a "R"-Label. In this way, all my R-Mails are available in the R-Label-view and are searchable. The conversations are instanteous updated and threadwise ordered. So it feels quasi the same as a real newsgroup (which I would prefer btw).

[Well I think, it's a major space waste if everybody stores just the same mails on his/her email account but since Google offers > 1 GB space, who cares].

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