[R] correct C function usage

From: Ido M. Tamir <tamir_at_imp.univie.ac.at>
Date: Wed 14 Dec 2005 - 06:31:54 EST

I am not sure if I am interfacing with C correctly and _safely_ or if there is a better way esp. with regards to terminating the "returned" array.

I am trying to fill an int array with values whose actual size is determined in the C function and is always maximally as large as length(values).

I also don't understand the purpose of $ab in the example: conv <- function(a, b)

          ab = double(length(a) + length(b) - 1))$ab

void testFill(int *values, int *newvalues, int* endposition ){
         newvalues[0] = 1;
         newvalues[1] = 2;
         *endposition = 2;



testTestFill <- function(){
  tempfilled <- testFillC( c(30:40))
  realfilled <- tempfilled$newvalues[1:tempfilled$endposition]

testFillC <- function(a){
  .C("testFill", as.integer(a), newvalues=integer(length(a)), endposition=integer(1))

Thank you very much in advance
Ido Tamir

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