Re: [R] Age of an object?

From: Robert Kinley <>
Date: Wed 14 Dec 2005 - 21:26:32 EST

>>>>> "Trevor" == Trevor Hastie <>
>>>>> on Tue, 13 Dec 2005 12:51:34 -0800 writes:

    Trevor> It would be nice to have a date stamp on an object.

Indeed it would.

If I had a better brain and memory, and didn't have to run so many projects in parallel I could probably cope OK. But when trying to pick up the threads of a project from several weeks/months ago the date-stamping in Splus together with facilities like

      objects.summary( order = "" , data.class='function' ) makes it much quicker and easier to work out exactly what I did and in what order.

It would be great to have similar facilities in R.

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