[R] Lattice graphics with combined plot types

From: Shawn Way <Shawn.Way_at_biogenidec.com>
Date: Thu 15 Dec 2005 - 23:59:08 EST

The data is of two forms, ie one numeric and another ordinal ie 1.5 and <.5. The X Value is a factor.

I'm trying to create a lattice conditioned plot with the following characteristics:

  1. The plot is conditioned using the form (Conductivity~Day|Valve)
  2. The plot should use a barplot for the ordinal (<.5) and dots for the numeric (1.5)
  3. A line should be created specifying a limit (ie 0.5)

What I would like is the bar on Day 3 to be a dot at 0.5 (a red one would be even better)

I have the following working:

data <-



# type="p",
xlab=list(label="Day",cex=3), ylab=list(label=expression(paste("Endotoxin (EU/mL)")),cex=3), ylim=c(0,1),
# index.cond=list(c(2,1)),
scales=list(x=list(rot=90,cex=2),y=list(cex=2)) ,panel=function (x,y,...) { panel.barchart(x,y,...) panel.abline(h=0.25,col="red") }
# main="Stable Pressure for 70-DS-005 Protocol 02-634-02B"


Any thoughts? I know it's something simple, I just cannot see it...

Thanks in advance.

Shawn Way
14 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142


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