Re: [R] survexp ratetables for european contries?

From: Heinz Tuechler <>
Date: Fri 16 Dec 2005 - 03:19:42 EST

At 16:30 15.12.2005 +0100, Robert Chung wrote:
>Heinz Tuechler wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Does someone have, or know of survexp ratetables for european contries,
>> especially Austria and Germany?
>> I know only about slopop in the package relsurv.
>I'm not sure I understand what you're asking for; slopop contains counts
>from the census.

Not exactly, slopop is already a ratetable, although the description says "census data set for the Slovene population". If I do:
> data(slopop)
> class(slopop)

[1] "ratetable"

I get class ratetable. It is not too difficult to construct a ratetable from mortality data, but in case one is already available, I would use it. It would be especially convenient to have one with a factor "contry" to be used with international data.

>If you're looking for rates or life tables, check out the Human Mortality

Thanks for the link.
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