Re: [R] lme4: Extract fixed effects Val, SE, t, p

From: Dieter Menne <>
Date: Fri 16 Dec 2005 - 19:27:57 EST

Zev Ross <zev <at>> writes:

> Using glmmPQL you can extract the full table of estimates, SE, p-values
> etc using as an example:
> mymodel<-glmmPQL(mymodel here)
> summary(mymodel)[[18]]
> How can I pull this table out of a lmer object in lme4?

Looks like it is not so easy, the code that produces the table is rather hidden in Matrix\r\lmer.R, about line 400

setMethod("show", "summary.lmer",

          function(object) {
              fcoef <- object@fixed
              useScale <- object@useScale

You might be able to write your own code using the outline given there, but you could run into trouble with method getFixDF.

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