Re: [R] Why lmer() is not working, altough lme4 is installed?

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Wed 21 Dec 2005 - 23:13:28 EST

Petar Milin wrote:

> I have installed lme4 library, but when I try something with lmer()
> function, I receive error message. On the other hand, I can use lme()
> function from the same library. Are those two the very same function or
> not? I am a bit confused.

  1. lme4 is a *package*, not a library
  2. a function lme() is not part of recent versions of lme4. You told us you are using an ancient version of R, but nothing about the version of lme4 (which is porbably outdated as well, since new versions won't work on such an ancient version of R, I believe).
  3. Why do you conceal the error message of lmer()? Please read the posting guide and send information that is helpful for the helpers to help.

Uwe Ligges

> I am using:
> $platform: "i386-pc-linux-gnu"
> $arch: "i386"
> $os: "linux-gnu"
> $system: "i386, linux-gnu"
> $major: "2"
> $minor: "0.1"
> $year: "2004"
> $month: "11"
> $day: "15"
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> Department of Psychology
> University of Novi Sad
> Serbia and Montenegro
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