Re: [R] Plot problems: xlim

From: Jim Lemon <>
Date: Sat 24 Dec 2005 - 14:12:10 EST

Ronnie Babigumira wrote:
> Hi,
> Still fresh in R, tried to figure this out, now on my second day running with no luck (and a pile of hair on my desk) so
> I have thrown in the towel and would like to ask for some help.
> Here is what I am trying to do. I am trying to plot a distribution, I have 99 points, bound in the range
> xlim.min: -0.0173
> xlim.max: 0.02103
> However, I have a value outside this range (0.2454959) which I would like to add to the plot as a line and to do this I
> use abline(v=0.2454959)
> This is what I write
> >xlim = c(-0.02, 0.3)
> >denz <- density(morp)
> >plot.density(denz, xlim = xlim, ylim = c(0,70))
> >hist(morp, freq=F, add= T)
> >abline(v=0.2454959)
> Without any options, plot.density spreads out nicely, however, naturally, the line I want to add is not plotted since it

> is well outside the range automatically determined by plot.density hence the need to add xlim however this produces
> something I dont find aesthetically appealing. The plot is squeezed out into a very lean "bell" shape.
> So (finally) my question, how can i widen the spread of my plot and yet also be able to add my xline.
Hi Ronnie,

For only one line, it is probably easiest to stick in an axis break and label the line on the x axis. Notice that the position of the line is arbitrarily set to be far enough beyond the end of the density curve to allow room for the axis break.

plot(denz,xlim=c(-0.02,0.04),axes=FALSE) box()
axis(1,at=c(-0.02,0,0.02,0.039),labels=c(-0.02,0,0.02,0.2454959)) abline(v=0.039)

This is probably a common enough problem for inclusion in the axis.break example.

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