Re: [R] copy contributed packages from R 2.2.0 to 2.2.1

From: Ronnie Babigumira <>
Date: Sat 24 Dec 2005 - 01:58:36 EST

Hi Helli, this came up last week, Here are some of the replys posted


are two Windows XP batch files:


which will move the packages (which is much faster and suitable if you don't need the old version of R any more) or copy the packages (which takes longer but preserves the old version).

x <- installed.packages()[,1]

This is one reason we normally recommend that you install into a separate library. Then update.packages(checkBuilt = TRUE) is all that is needed. However,

foo <- installed.packages()
as.vector(foo[[, "Priority"]), 1])

will give you a character vector which you can feed to install.packages(), so it's not complex to do manually.

If the previous installation is still alive, fire it up and

pS <- packageStatus()
pkgs <- pS$inst$Package[!pS$inst$Priority %in% c("base", "recommended")] save(pkgs, file = "foo")

In the new installation,


Helmut Kudrnovsky wrote:
> hi R-users,
> a few days ago R 2.2.1 came out. on my win xp i'installed R 2.2.0. along the time i've installed a lot of contributed packages. my internet-connection is not very fast.
> so my question: is it possible after installing R 2.2.1 to do copy/paste the contributed packages from the C:\Programme\R221 to the C:\Programme\R2.2.1- location in the files system?
> or have i to download and install the packages new?
> greetings from the snowy austria
> merry christmas
> helli
> system
> R.2.2.0
> win xp
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