[R] problem with samr

From: madhurima bhattacharjee <madhurima_b_at_persistent.co.in>
Date: Mon 26 Dec 2005 - 20:48:18 EST

Hello Everybody,

I am trying to perform SAM with the samr package. I am using the following code:

sink ("R005")


A <- as.matrix(read.table("D:\samrgenes1000.txt")) B <- as.matrix(read.table("D:\genenames1000.txt")) y1 <- c(rep(1,20),rep(2,6)) #there are 20 chips of one kind and 6 of the other kind.
datasam = list(x=A,y=y1,genenames=B,logged2=TRUE) testsamr <-samr(datasam,resp.type ="Two class unpaired",nperms=100) del <- 2
delta.table <- samr.compute.delta.table(testsamr) siggenes.table
<-samr.compute.siggenes.table(testsamr,del,datasam,delta.table) sink()

I am getting the following error:
Error in samr.compute.siggenes.table(testsamr, del, datasam, delta.table) :

    length of 'dimnames' [2] not equal to array extent

Can someone please explain me what is wrong ? Thanks in advance and wish u all a very happy new year.


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