Re: [R] importing shapefiles into spatstat

From: Don MacQueen <>
Date: Fri 30 Dec 2005 - 08:57:39 EST

And I see that I am probably already be out of date! There is a nice article in R News Volume 5/2, November 2005, available from CRAN. -Don

At 1:41 PM -0800 12/29/05, Don MacQueen wrote:
>Go to CRAN, to the "Packages" page, do a simple search on the text "shape".
>It will quickly lead you to
> maptools tools for reading and handling shapefiles
> From there, I guess you'll have to extract the polygons from the
>structure that is returned by the function(s) in the maptools package.
>At 1:59 PM -0600 12/29/05, Charlotte Reemts wrote:
>>Dear R users,
>>I am using spatstat to analyze point patterns (tree locations). I would
>>like to import the shapefile with the study area polygons (six total) into R
>>and use it to create the window for the spatstat analysis. I do not simply
>>want to use a rectangle because the study areas spread out over 40000 ha.
>>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>>Charlotte Reemts
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