Re: [R] How to fit all points into plot?

From: Patrick Burns <>
Date: Fri 30 Dec 2005 - 20:46:09 EST

Another approach to what has already been suggested is to use 'matplot' (as in matrix plot).

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Martin Lam wrote:

>I have a problem when I want to add new points (or a
>new line) to the graph. Some points (or parts of the
>line) are not shown on the graph because they lie
>beyond the scale of the axis. Is there a way to
>overcome this so all points (or the entire line) are
>shown on the graph? Here's an example of my problem:
>colors = c("red", "blue")
>plot(x=rnorm(100,0,1), y=runif(100), type="p", pch=21,
>col = colors[1])
># if I add these points not all of them are shown on
>the graph
>lines(x=rnorm(100,3,1), y=runif(100), type="p",
>pch=24, col = colors[2])
>Thanks in advance,
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