Re: [R] Wikis etc.

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Sun 08 Jan 2006 - 03:14:48 EST

Jonathan Baron wrote:

> On 01/07/06 10:51, John Sorkin wrote:

>>The situation
>>would be greatly helped if the mailing list would automatically add a header or
>>footer to all Email messages giving the URL of the archived Email threads. Don't
>>expect people to know that what are not told! Those people who, in their answers,
>>suggest that people should search the archives should include the URL of the archives
>>in their response ( then click on the word SEARCH in the
>>left-hand column ).

> Or, more tersely,

But then, everybody loads stuff from CRAN master and does not use an appropriate mirror.
I'd like to suggest *not* to use any mirror URL explicitly in R-help mails (always, not only related to this thread). In this case, I'd propose to write something like "CRAN-mirror/search.html"


> is a mirror, and there
> are other mirrors.
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