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From: Doran, Harold <>
Date: Tue 10 Jan 2006 - 06:12:54 EST

Yen Lin:

I'd like to try and offer a little help, but I'm still unclear on your data structure and problem. You say, they are all categorical variables. But, does this apply also to your dependent variable? If so, lme is the wrong function to use.

You also say you want to decompose tha variation into wafer, axis, orientation and data. But then, what is "loc". Do you mean you want to decompose the variation in data, your DV, into multiple components including wafer, axis, orientation and loc?

Maybe if you can take some time to clarify your data structure in more detail and why your lme call is structured as it is it might be easier to help.


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Hi all,

Sorry for the sloppy description of problem.

I have a dataset called dense. I want to decompose the variability/variation into different components such as wafer, axis, orientation and data. These variables are all categorical data. I converted axis, orientation and location into factors before I ran the analysis:


The algorithm returns the standard deviation of each random effect, but also gives the warning message:

Warning message:
- not meaningful for factors in: Ops.factor(y[revOrder], Fitted)

I wonder what does this warning message mean? If the factors are not meaningful, how can I find out which factors the warning message is referring to? Thanks.

Yen Lin

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> Can someone point out what is the meaning of this warning message? I
> tried to look at Ops.factor, but I don't understand it since I'm
> relatively new to R. Thanks.

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