Re: [R] Loading Excel file into Limma

From: J Dougherty <>
Date: Thu 12 Jan 2006 - 15:40:56 EST

R won't read an Excel sheet directly. You need to export it, saving it as a CSV or tab delimited file. You can then import using read.table. The entire path and file have to be in double-quotes as well. Try ?read.table for more info.

JWD On Wednesday 11 January 2006 19:48, N. Goodacre wrote:
> Dear mailing group,
> This is my first time here. Glad to have this resource!
> I am currently trying to load an Excel file into R (limma package loaded)
> using the source(*name of directory*) command, but it cannot open the file.
> I renamed the file as .R and .RData, to no avail. The Excel data contains
> one gene name per row and about 100 data points per gene (columns).
> I am only used to loading preprepared microarray data with all the t's
> crossed and i's dotted, with the read.maimages command. Can anyone help me
> out with this silly-sounding "challenge"?
> Sincerely - in the truest sense -
> Norman Goodacre
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