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Yes, there are now multiple functions. One is the lmer() function in the matrix package. Another is in the nlme package and is the lme() function. Lmer is the newer version and the syntax has changed just slightly. To see samples of the lmer function type the following at your R command prompt

> library(mlmRev)
> vignette("MlmSoftRev")

This will open a pdf file with examples. You'll need to make sure to obtain the mlmRev package from cran.

You can also see examples of student achievement analyses using these functions in the following papers

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I am new to R. In my work as a program evaluator, I am regularly asked to estimate effect sizes of prevention/intervention and educational programs on various student outcomes (e.g. academic achievement). In many cases, I have access to data over three or more time periods (e.g. growth in proficiency test scores).

I usually have multiple independent and dependent variables in each model along with covariates. I have historically utilized latent growth curve structural equation models, but would like to include random effects in the model. Does R have the ability to run such analyses?


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