Re: [R] - summary

From: Fredrik Lundgren <>
Date: Fri 13 Jan 2006 - 22:00:32 EST

Thanks to

David Firth
Brian Ripley
jim holtman

who help with this question.

showData() from the relimp package works and shows the dataframe "" but scrolls rather weak with huge data.frames (15 000 x 120)

fix(...) is somewhat dangerous as you usually don't want to correct individual data but
get an overview

invisible(edit(...)) does the trick and scrolls with excellent speed even with huge dataframes
but not exactly "" (dates as negative or positive integer, minor problem).


> On 12 Jan 2006, at 22:17, Fredrik Lundgren wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> Sometimes I have huge data.frames and the small spreadsheetlike
>> is quite handy to get an overview of the data.
>> However,
>> when I close the editor all data are rolled over the console window,
>> which takes time and clutters the window. Is there a way to avoid
>> this?
> An alternative to the editor is showData() from the relimp package.
> It is modeless, meaning that your data window can be left open/
> minimized while you work in R. I haven't tested it with _very_ large
> data frames though.
> David
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> Professor David Firth
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