Re: [R] "infinite recursion" in when lme4 loaded only

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Fri 13 Jan 2006 - 22:24:51 EST

>>>>> "Dieter" == Dieter Menne <> >>>>> on Thu, 12 Jan 2006 18:14:32 +0000 (UTC) writes:

    Dieter> Peter Dalgaard <p.dalgaard <at>> writes:
>> > A larg program which worked with lme4/R about a year ago failed when I
>> > re-run it today. I reproduced the problem with the program below.

>> > -- When lme4 is loaded (but never used), the fails
>> > with infinite recursion after 60 seconds. Memory used increases
>> > beyond bonds in task manager.
>> However, it surely has to do with methods dispatch:
>> > system.time("",caScore))
>> [1] 0.99 0.00 0.99 0.00 0.00
>> which provides you with another workaround.

    Dieter> Peter, I had increased the optional value already, but I still don't understand     Dieter> what this recursion overflow has to do with the lm4 loading.

Aahh, you've hit a secret ;-) no, but a semi-hidden feature: lme4 loads Matrix and Matrix activates versions of rbind() and cbind() which use rbind2/cbind2 which are S4 generics and default methods that are slightly different than then the original base rbind() and cbind().
This was a necessity since the original rbind(), cbind() have first argument "...", i.e. an invalid signature for S4 method dispatch.

This was in NEWS for R 2.2.0 :

    o	Experimental versions of cbind() and rbind() in methods package,
	based on new generic function cbind2(x,y) and rbind2().	 This will
	allow the equivalent of S4 methods for cbind() and rbind() ---
	currently only after an explicit activation call, see ?cbind2.

And 'Matrix' uses the activation call in its .OnLoad hook. This is now getting much too technical to explain for R-help, so if we want to go there, we should move this topic to R-devel, and I'd like to do so, and will be glad if you can provide more details on how exactly you're using rbind.

Martin Maechler,
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