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From: Stephen <szlevine_at_nana.co.il>
Date: Tue 17 Jan 2006 - 03:26:23 EST


I am sure that this question has been asked before ... appologies in advance  

This - which comes out very nicely - better than the commercial stuff. plotmeans (cdpy~Dodefordpy, Data = Dataset, connect = False, minbar = 1, mean.labels = FALSE, col = "blue", barwidth = 1.5, barcol = "red", ci.label = FALSE, xlab="Onset", pch = 15, par(las =2)).

Only one snag I want to order the X axis by the way it is sorted in the data not by the n size group categories.

The data are sorted by the Dodefordpy categories - not mumeric - confering to the way I'd like the x axis.

Hence how do I order the x axis not by n but by the way the file is ordered.  



> version

platform i386-pc-mingw32

arch     i386           
os       mingw32        
system   i386, mingw32  
major    2              
minor    2.1            
year     2005           
month    12             
day      20             
svn rev  36812          
language R              


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