[R] Coercing a list to integer?

From: Norman Goodacre <perfumedlizard_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed 18 Jan 2006 - 23:27:57 EST

 Dear group,   

    I am nearly beside myself. After an entire night spent on a niggling little detail, I am no closer to to the truth. I loaded an Excel file in .csv form into R. It apparentely loads as a list, but not the kind of list you can use. Oh no, it converts into a list that cannot be converted into an integer, numeric, or vector, only a matrix, whihc is useless without integers.   

    How can I get a list of the form [1] 1,2,3,4,5 into the form [1] 1 [2] 2 [3] 3 [4] 4 [5] 5? Depending on hwo you define a list, apparentely, it goes one way or the other.   

   x <- list(1:5) means you have [1] 1,2,3,4,5   y <- list(1,2,3,4,5) means you have [1] 1 [2] 2 [3] 3 [4] 4 [5] 5   

  Can anyone help?#   

  I woudl greatly appreciate it.   

  Norman Goodacre                    

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